Monday, August 23, 2010

Mother's House Update and a few more pictures

Mother's House sent another update on their homepage:

August 18, 2010: This would be an unusual sight on most film sets, but on "Mother's House" the cast and crew quickly got used to seeing Tim Guinee walking the tight wire while waiting for camera set-ups. Tim's pure poetry in motion; the rest of the crew demonstrated skill levels from "pretty good" to "hilarious" when he generously offered to let us try.

August 11, 2010: It's not all glamour on a film set. Just ask our very dusty star, Kathryn Erbe (yes, there she is, standing waaaay back in the old attic set). Fortunately, this was her last scene of the day, and she got to brush off the cobwebs and relax for the rest of the evening when Davis called "Cut! Everybody happy? Great... that's a wrap!"

Mother’s House 16

 Mother’s House 17

 Mother’s House 18

 Mother’s House 19

I couldn't hold me back...I must do a new header with the Mother's House Pictures for lovely Kathryn. I hope you like it.

Again, all pictures and information belong Colleen Lynch (Cedar Hill Photography) and Peak Road Productions.


  1. My Mother's House is beginning to look like a really interesting show.
    You found some wonderful pictures of Kathryn, and you new header is delightful.

  2. Hey Bev, thanks for your header compliment.

    And yes, I can't wait to watch Mother's House.

  3. I hope we get to see the movie, too!

  4. I cross my fingers for the release.