Tuesday, August 17, 2010

100 Drabble - Seafood

Title: Senachi
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: K+
Word Count: 99
A/N 1: Remember BLINK and Bobby’s talking about eating living octopus in Korea.

“Never again,” she whispered exhaustedly.

“I’m sorry.”

“Never again, Goren.” More choking and spitting. He held her sweaty hair and gently stroked her trembling back.

“It will be hard work to earn my trust back.” Alex got tired back on her feet – flushed away her nausea.

“I know,” he replied meekly and opened the warm water tap. She stepped in front of the basin and looked in the mirror at a pale green face, still feeling the wincing tentacles.

“I never saw such a strong reaction to eating octopus.”

She answered with an angry snort while rinsing her mouth.