Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Show me your closet

Last Sunday my very good friend Katja and me were dancing at the ‘Alte Kantine - Kulturbrauerei’. Not that you think I’m a party girl (okay, I am) but Monday was a holiday so I had the chance to visit that disco after a very long time. The music was good, the dance floor so full (dear, I had millions of elbows in my neck, my back and…) and the tiny room very sticky…but it was really a great night and we danced the whole time.

On the dance floor I saw a girl in a nice top and I remembered one of Kathryn’s tops she wore twice on a Premiere.

I smiled so much as I found out and that fact showed so good that Kathryn is just a normal woman who has favored clothes she wore over many years.

See here at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in spring 2002:

Mercedes 2

Mercedes 1

Kathryn wore the same top at the Starry Messenger Event last November:

Starry Messenger 1

Starry Messenger 2

Starry Messenger 3

And when you take a closer look on her leather jacket you’ll maybe remember 23rd April 2010 and the ‘Hard Core’ Arrival at the Tribeca Film Festival:

Hard Core


  1. I think she looks great in everything she wears. She keeps so fit.

  2. Oh yes, she really looks great but sometimes her shoe taste is strange *ggg*

  3. I don't get all her choices, but I don't get all my choices either ;-)

  4. You had seen one or two of my choices...urg, badly.

  5. I have? I only remember that particular shirt that left no question over who I had to pick up at the airport!! *ggg*

  6. Okay that shirt is never an urg. But back in my schooltime...oi, there oh no, I won't think of.