Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Starting Lovely Kathryn

I have to confess, I’m a big Vincent D’Onofrio fan. I visit daily a lot of Blogs who place him and his work in the middle. I was also looking for such a Kathryn fan source and was very surprised that there is nothing. So I quarreled with me the last weeks if I could start such a project. Would I have enough stuff to fill such a blog? I hope so and I still have a few ideas for my project. I asked my good friend TJara of the Make Gentle the Life of this World Blog and she supported me in my idea and also added a few ideas for entries.

So, I thought it was about time Kathryn Erbe got her first own blog.

My apologizes for my English. I’m not a native speaker and I hope you’ll understand what I want to say.

Why Lovely Kathryn?

She is…

…and that is my tag at Photobucket for all Icons I did with photo shooting pictures or event images of Kathryn.

Why Kathryn?

I got to know her over the starting of the German Law & Order: Criminal Intent airing in late summer 2004. I have to confess that I noticed her not at a first glance but at second and since I spotted on Kathryn and the role she played – Detective Alexandra Eames is one of my big ideals. Alex’s eye rolling made me laugh, her witty and snarky repartee let me giggle. But the light mood of the early years changed to bittersweet in the later seasons and she played that always overwhelming. I could really feel every pain Alex had to suffer.

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to stand out next Vincent, but Kathryn did.

I also watched a few movies Kathryn did. She is in every scene amazing. I really like Stir of Echoes but there are still two or three DVD’s at my home I still need to watch. Oz stands also on that ‘need to watch’ list. I have to look how I manage to see also that great work of her.

That blog should include new projects and events of Kathryn, Criminal Intent and Alex Eames, her movies, Icons, fanfiction, caps, photos and much more. I hope I will realize a good mix…



  1. Yay ;-)
    Be careful. Blogging is a little *addictive*...

  2. PS: You saying "I have to confess..." to start off this blog is a clear sign that you've been around me FAR TOO LONG! *g*

  3. My German is terrible but,

    Wilkommen zu blogging!

  4. Hey and welcome/herzlich Willkommen to all of you.

  5. Happy blogging! Spass haben! :o)

  6. Your blog is so eloquent and exquisite and beautiful that I must follow. Cheers Havers!!

    P. S. I don't speak German, though.

  7. Beatifully written. Looking forward to more!

  8. I also welcome Beverly, bobbybegood1 and potzina. It feels really wonderful that all of you are here.