Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's House

Thomas Ross' mother passes away.

Thomas and his wife, Catherine, come to Ulster County to dispose of her estate.

That's when they discover the secret of Mother's House.

Don't go home again.

Mother’s House is Kathryn’s newest project. The ghost story short film will be shot in Hudson Valley from 1st to 9th August. Look here for more information and maybe participation.

Release Date: Summer 2011
Genre: narrative short
Studio: Peak Road Productions
Screenplay By:Davis Hall and Ingrid Price
Directed By: Davis Hall
Produced By: Ingrid Price and Michael Franklin

Check the website of Peak Road Productions for more information like Cast & Crew, News, Links and also Facebook for current updates.

Yesterday I wrote Ingrid Price (ingridprice@peakroadproductions.com) a short email about my interest about the project and asked for more information. I got an answer in less than one hour.

Because the content let me become breathless I want to share with you:

Hello Ms. Price,

my name is Antje and I'm from Berlin in Germany.

I would like to get more information about Mother's House.

I'm a big Kathryn Erbe fan and started a blog about her (http://lovelykathryn.blogspot.com/). I would like to know more about that movie. How fare you are? Is there a releasing date? Where will the movie be seen?

Best wishes from Berlin,

Guten Tag, Antje!
"Mother's House" is a short film in pre-production. It will be filmed in August. You can check the Peak Road Productions website any time for information on the film - I will be adding more news and photos soon. We don't know yet where it will be shown; perhaps at a film festival in Berlin, if we are lucky!
Thank you very much for your interest. I'll let Kathryn know about the blog - that's very kind of you.


  1. so cool that she'll tell kate about your blog :)

  2. I screamed as I read that line.

  3. It's very exciting, isn't it? Kathy could read your blog!
    I'm happy for her new project, she deserves to succeed.

  4. I hope that we all can watch her new movie. I cross my fingers for a success.