Friday, May 7, 2010

The disappearing and arising bracelets

Actually TJara is our goof queen but since she spotted me on these sweet little mistakes I also try to catch them…and made a list.

I love the switched badge from Bobby and Alex in Loyalty the My Big Fat Freakin' Life Blog discovered. Deep in my heart I hope Kathryn and Vincent joked all of us with that changing. (This idea of Quietfire: Did they grab the wrong badges when they rolled out of bed? is too seductive.)

But did you also notice the disappearing and arising bracelets around Alex’s left wrist? That happened in both Loyalty parts!

After the death of Danny, as Bobby, Alex and Zach investigated in the interview room:

Alex wore a black bracelet or hair tie around the arm which goes to her heart. Maybe it’s like a hidden mourning band for her killed colleague.

And then it’s away.

Did Kathryn that on purpose? Was it a mistake of the wardrobe? But you can count the times Alex held her hair in a ponytail on one hand.

It occurred the same after the wonderful kissing and hugging in the second part of Loyalty.

As Alex rested her hand on Bobby’s back there are no bracelets.

There are no bracelets as she reached for the receiver.

But we see three blue and yellow plastic hoops as Alex talked with the CoD.

These bracelets are colorful and a highlight in Alex’s black outfit. I don’t know how to interpret. I don’t believe in a mistake. What were Kathryn’s thoughts as she did that? Maybe you have an idea?


  1. I've no idea, sorry this day was tiring! You have good eyes! :o)

  2. Maybe her kids stopped by that last day on the set and gave their Mommy bangles for good luck. Who knows?

  3. @Susan: I love that idea. That would be very sweet.

  4. I guess she does put them on her hair when it's appropriate... don't think it's a wardrobe goof, it just happened. Like some of the others do!!

  5. Geez, you have great eyes. All I can think about is looking at Eames and Goren. Forget the plot or whatever else is going on. Cheers!!

    P. S. That is a charming idea that Susan had.

  6. @bobbybegood1: I also just had eyes for Bobby and Alex being so close together but the bracelets where an eye catcher.