Monday, May 10, 2010

100 Drabble - Shock

Title: Shock
Prompt: mother/mom
Characters: Alexandra Eames
Rating: T
Word Count: 103

“Hey, Mom,” Alex called as she entered her parents’ home. She slipped out of the fake-fur jacket, pulled down her leather mini-skirt and peeled off her ‘fuck me’ boots.

“Joe told me that Daddy and you will bring a salad to our BBQ this weekend?” She stepped into the kitchen. “Tonight Stash and I arrested twelve johns. Men are pigs,” Alex groaned. Her gaze fell on the partially paralyzed face of her mother and her eyes froze in horror. Alex rushed to the phone and called 911.

“This is Detective Eames, badge-number 5798. I need an ambulance. My mom had a stroke.”

A/N: We know so less about Alex’s family. In ‘in the dark’ she said that her mom had once an apoplexy but we never found out when and why and how healthy her mom is now.


  1. Lovely tie in for anytime she's mentioned her mother's stroke & Alpha Dog!

    And I'm LMAO that we had the same idea for today's post!!

  2. To combine the story also with Alpha Dog was a flash thought and gave me one more word.

  3. Great post but it's very sad! I'm a sensitive person, you know! ;o)

  4. Sorry for my bad vibrations. But that was the first thing I could think as I read the prompt.