Friday, July 15, 2011

The end is there plus 19 pick ups

The day started so good. I had my last university aerobic course before the summer break and I visited again CORBIS after a very long time. I was so thrilled to find a lot of new Kathryn pictures of all the last events she visited.

But then the long expected official canceling of Criminal Intent by USA Network popped up. Read two articles here:

No Reprieve for Law & Order: CI: 'It Was a Good Series Finale,' Says USA Network Boss by Matt Webb Mitovich, TV Line

USA confirms the end of 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' by Matt Carter, TV Examiner

Of course TV is all about the money. We didn’t hear that for the first time but you need to spend a little money to make a good show. Yes, USA announced the whole last eight episodes with FINAL SEASON. We got an amazing season 10. I’m all over addicted again with Criminal Intent and the last scene of Bobby and Alex is better than I ever expected it would be.

All the promotion, the twitter sessions, articles and interviews let expect that USA Network cared for its show. The fire sale before the airing of the last episode was a deep hit and to wait with an official statement over three weeks was even more insensitive. Where is that respect?

But nevertheless I’m sad. Will I ever again see Kathryn in Vincent’s arms? I hope this was not the last moment. They are such a great team.

picture sources beside corbis:
Monsters & Critics

My future wishes for Criminal Intent? Picked up from another Network – improbable, because I bet CI is somehow tied to NBCU. A movie? That would be really great and I hold my thumbs for it. It can go on and like Times Square Gossip wrote June 27: With all the series still being played several times throughout the day ... it'll never really be gone. I predict Criminal Intent will quickly be back ... it's just been too good for too long.

I’ll send my protest skittles and tie clip the next days.


  1. I was so upset when i read this interview, i loved season 10 and was hopeful that this was the start of more. Cant believe they would end CI, im so gutted.

  2. Still don't get why it was beyond them to give us an official statement right when they did that sale. Obviously, the decision had been made by then!