Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A few weeks ago a friend sent me the link to Alexandra Silber's blog London Still who played Vanessa in 10 x 04 The Last Street of Manhattan.

Alexandra and Kathryn had a nice cookie conversation on set.

Det. Alexandra Eames' advice to Alexandra Silber

[At rise: me on the set of Law & Order: Criminal Intent sitting across from Kathryn Erbe who plays Detective Alexandra Eames. It has been a long day. And now there are freshly baked chocolate chip cookies sitting at the food table and the odo(u)r is wafting our way...]

Kathryn Erbe: Cookies! [she turns around with glee] Are you gonna have a cookie?
Me: They have cookies again? [They had cookies yesterday-- is this heaven?!]
KE: They have them every day. And they are hot. And delicious.
Me: I missed them yesterday...
KE: Well, then you should have one today!
Me: I dunno... [I am thinking of myself in these ill-fitting jeans for all the world to see... in HD...]
KE: ["Cookies are serious business" voice] You should have a cookie. You are young.... [she is deadpan] and tall...
Me: ...Okay...
KE: Please. For me.
Me: I promise.
KE: Thank you.

Cookie consumed.

LOL, too funny and now I feel the need to have some sweets as well. When you also want to drop a few cookies and share a Kathryn news, don't hesitate to contact me.


  1. Sweet!! If only we could all look like her after having those cookies...

  2. Sniff, yes!!! But for cookies I accept more pounds on me ;o)