Monday, June 6, 2011

Twitter Night with Kathryn Erbe

Here you can see my notes I did yesterday to be prepared for the one hour twitter session with Kathryn. It should take place at 9 PM ET during the current Criminal Intent episode, meaning for me 3 in the morning.

After watching Hawaii 5-0 and shutting down the computer I went to bed around 23:30. I could fall asleep very well and as the alarm ring 2:45 I was a little shocked, but I switched on my laptop I’d prepared well with all the right www pages I would need for the session.

It was an amazing hour which flew by. Kathryn answered 4 (in words four, in Romanian numbers: IV) of my questions. What a crazy and cool and overwhelming feeling. I was never closer her.

She picked a few nice ones I really wanted to know but she missed others, where I also had loved to get an answer.

At the bottom you can read all my questions and Kathryn’s answers. When you want to read the whole twitter session transcript go to Nantz Blog.

When you type #askkathryn or @USA_LawOrderCI in the twitter search you’ll get all questions of yesterday night.

Unfortunately Kathryn didn’t answer the questions about her new tattoo and her future plans. I knew these questions came very often. But I love that she passed the romance question much more ambiguous than Vincent.

QUESTION: Micky Walker
any chance of a romance with Goren?

KATHRYN: That's a good question!

After this amazing experience I needed another hour to fall back asleep. I can’t wait to watch Trophy Wine after work. I hope you enjoyed the night like me.
@USA_LawOrderCI Good Night, Kathryn. Thanks so much for agreeing to this twitter fun. #askkathryn

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn do you know more Vita details about Alex? BirthDay? number of siblings. The name of the birth giving nephew? (asked two times)

@USA_LawOrderCI _#askkathryn it was as cruel as Johnny Eames said you didn't gave him grandchildren. What is with the boy Alex gave birth? (asked two times)

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn when you adopted your second dog? Tallulah is looking sweet?

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn thanks for writing us such a great letter. Antje - Binder Team Memeber

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn what is the tattoo at your left arm about? I never saw a clear cap and am so curious.

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn I had the chance to watch Mother's House. I hope you'll run many film festivals. Awesome movie, perfect acting.
--> I think it came out really well, thank you so much for watching! @havers_barbara

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn do you think Bobby and Alex are friends or just colleagues?
--> Definitely friends and colleagues @havers_barbara

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn what are your next plans? I know of 25x10...any new movies or tv roles? (asked two times)

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn did you shoot Alex wedding picture and the one of St. Paddies day with her husband at the same day? (asked two times)

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn can you tell more about the photos at Mr. Eames house? She they all show Alex or more family members?
--> There were pics of me with my real grandmothers and my real dad. @havers_barbara
Oh, that is so cool. RT: @USA_LawOrderCI There were pics of me with my real grandmothers and my real dad.

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn any chance of a together magazine/photo shooting with Vincent beside Promo stuff for CI? (asked two times)

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn I can't wait to see the Trophy Wine in a few hours and then read your comments to special moments.

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn who came along that Alex always drives?

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn you and Vincent say in the most cases Goren and Eames, for me it's always Alex and Bobby

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn as Bobby kissed Alex in Loyalty, she looked so surprised. Did you know he would do it or was it spontaneous? (asked two times answered after the second)
--> It was spontaneous!

Yes, Europe loves you. #askkathryn @USA_LawOrderCI @DianeTigger Thanks for watching! Shout out to all the UK fans, love you all!

Very sweet question. long live Pauli RT @Nantzee @USA_LawOrderCI @USA_LawOrderCI Does Eames still have her bird? #askkathryn

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn I like Alex's new jewelry but don't dare to ask about the rings. What is the new necklace about?

@USA_LawOrderCI #askkathryn good night, Kathryn. Thanks so much for that awesome hour. We'll bug the network for more. ep 200 is so close.

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  1. Girl, you were on fire on twitter!

    lol, I LOVE how KE teased everyone with some of those questions. Thanks for posting the transcript!