Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Through a Glass Darkly

As I saw the first pictures of Kathryn leaving the "Through a Glass Darkly" opening night after party held at the Chinatown Brasserie in New York City at TheReel and Nantz blog, I smirked so hard because of the title of the play.

Read T'Jara's amazing fanfiction with a nearly same title: Through the Glass, Darkly

Ingmar Bergman's Through a Glass Darkly, Off-Broadway play with Carey Mulligan a 26-year-old British actress.

picture sources: - by - Demis Maryannakis, PacificCoastNews


  1. Thanks for the link :)

    Love her dress and flat shoes!!

  2. I love her dress too. It's very spring.

  3. The dress is great. It is the same she wore at the NBC Today Show.

    Oh it's really badly time for the third 'show me xour closet' post ;o)