Monday, June 20, 2011

100 Drabble - Cold Drinks

Title: Misdirected?
Prompt: Cold Drinks
Characters: Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 116
A/N: Dedicated to Snyder.

A strong whiskey or cold water? Bobby didn’t know for sure. Still confused and excited, he opened his fridge and reached for a bottle of water.

An hour ago Alex had sent him an email with an attachment, but he hadn’t read the results of an autopsy report. He was caught in a sensual story of a mysterious guy and a bold preschool teacher. They had known each other for years but during the story their relationship changed…

Bobby never had read something like this. Alex’s misdirected story was naughty and peppered with dirty details, but not porn. She walked him on a fine line.

Should he call her and point out her mistake or re-read...?


  1. LOL, this is awesome. I love it. Bobby reading naughty stuff. What a hoot!

  2. OMG! This is adorable! I think this is one of your best drabbles ever! roflol!!! Awesome!

  3. Aww, thanks for dedicating it to me. Love this. *evil grin*


  4. Thanks for your kind comments, my friends. I published two more drabbles sequels...I needed to and I think you all want more. ;o)