Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kathryn Erbe discusses "Icarus" plus last CI filming

"Icarus" airs Sunday, June 19 at 9pm ET on USA Network.

As I read about the one more shooting day of CI at ‘On Location Vacation’ yesterday I was very excited. I read a lot of speculation in the fandom about changing the last scene. But I tend to think that they maybe need to reshoot things because of sound, light or out of focus stuff. I don’t think they change the END. We got the information that Warren Leigh and René Balcer worked together at the episode. So why changing their work?

It was cool to reach Julie Stone over twitter again. She was Kathryn’s Stand In for season 10.

Here her two tweets:

Julie Stone: One last, bonus day on @USA_LawOrderCI It's a family reunion. #LOCI
Antje: @Julie_Stone @USA_LawOrderCI oh yes, tell us more. Who is on set? I read that everything at Chelsea Piers was removed.
Julie Stone: @havers_barbara I can't give details except that we weren't at the @USA_LawOrderCI studio and everybody was very happy to see each other :)
Antje: @Julie_Stone @USA_LawOrderCI I totally understand. The little re-union must be thrilling. Wish you all an exciting day. #LOCI forever

I’m glad that the photographer of and also Blanca went again to the final chance to watch Vincent and Kathryn as Bobby and Alex and maybe working together.

Click on the links to see all pictures and read Blanca’s report.

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We got one Criminal Intent miracle, why not another one? Episode 200 is so close. Think USA Network what a big party you could celebrate.


  1. I'm all for an episode #200!!!!

  2. Thank you, Antje, for your support and the wonderful contributions of your site, Lovely Kathryn. Your latest post on the reshoot is terrific! Thanks for the contact information for TPTB. Let's all bug them from here to kingdom come so we can have our Goren and Eames back next season.