Friday, October 15, 2010

The War at Home Picspam

This is my first picspam ever. Last week I watched The War at Home...again and capped the episode by myself. After running through all the 6000 caps numerous times I couldn't threw away 370 of them. Here you'll find 32 pictures which impressed me most.

The War at Home Picspam

Damedend of the holidays
Biting my lipsI don’t want to
Coming laterSmelling good
She did everythingLies
I love his hairNot Lilah
Stunning legsSo much green
Presenting everythingSo yummy
Perfect Badge CapStormy
Even more windSigh
No wordsGuilty
OhHe’s back
InexcuseableCool cap
Cold shoulder…rightlyMore lips maltreating
Last gazeI don’t care…I don’t believe


  1. die größeren Bilder wirken besser ,
    kann mich gar nicht für ein bestes entscheiden .

  2. Sweet! Like these.

    Seems Blogger / Firefox don't like your table, though. Waah, I've had this problem before, too.

  3. @TJara: do you have a solution for that problem. It bugging me much and I'm confused because the LJ didn't show these gaps.

  4. I hadn't seen these ones till now.
    A lot of them made me smile but the one that got the biggest reaction was "He's back". And "cold shoulder" made me pout, poor Bobby. I know, (sigh) Alex had a right to be mad at him.
    I always enjoy your icons Antje.

  5. @Bev: thanks for commenting. This is no icon work, just capping and making the pictures a little smaller and sharper.

    I know Bobby had a hard time in this ep, but Danny and Alex also missed the time with their families. She hold his back the whole time and then he acted like THAT! Alex had all rights to be pissed.

  6. Ohhh, shows ya what I know about icons and capping. LOL Nice either way.
    You're right, I tend to be a bit biased when it comes to Bobby. Bobby needed to know that what he did wasn't right.