Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mother's House Update - YouTube Channel open

Christopher Washington updated yesterday the Mother’s House Blog. Finally, the YouTube Channel is installed and showed the first clip.

During the summer, Peak Road Productions shot "Mother's House" in the small town of Stone Ridge, NY. Now that the movie is currently in the post production stage, we now take a look back at the very beginning of the journey. Here, our director, Davis Hall, talks about what the movie is about and what he hopes to achieve.

There are a few more updates:
  • The editing process is nearly done and now the process of providing a score is underway as multiple candidates are being looked at.
  • While the game plan is to have the movie ready in time for the holidays, there should be a screening for the crew before the actual release, sometime in November.
  • Concerning the making of video, Christopher currently is still working on it. He went through every single clip to see which ones will make the cut. The video will focus on everyone goofing around on the set and having a good time. Any footage that doesn’t make the video will most likely go on the mother’s house youtube page.
  • Right now, the whole process of making a movie is getting close to the end. Then shortly around the corner, the process of getting the movie to play in festivals will begin.
  • One more minor note. Christopher just looked at the mother’s house facebook page, they have nearly 190 fans! So if you guys can, let some of your friends know about the film and if they want to be fans themselves, tell them to follow.

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