Monday, October 25, 2010

Breslau or Wrocław or my Vincent weekend without Vincent

When thinking about Wrocław before three weeks I tended to call it Breslau. You had to know that Wrocław was Breslau before 1945 and a German city. With calling the fourth largest city in Poland by it’s old German name I respect the current German borders anyway and don’t want to change it in any way.

But I read a few books about Breslau playing after WWI and until 1945 over the last couple of years. Marek Krajewski portrayed with his Detective Eberhard Mock a very interesting character. I really was curious to visit the city one day and I finally got the chance with entering the American Film Festival.

Vincent D’Onofrio planned to show his Don’t go in the Woods two times. I really was curious about the movie because all the reviews of other fans I read had been great. And there was that chance finally to meet Vincent. He never had come closer Berlin. I really must made use of that opportunity. Therefore I asked my colleague Pawel to translate that first article from October 1st again for me. Who is trusting google translation? I wanted to be sure.

Yes, the article really said that Vincent would be there.

For my birthday I got two tickets from my lovely CI Musers.


Thanks so much girls. I didn’t saw that coming, ordered two tickets by myself. So now I had to tickets to much, but there was a happy ending.

My mom and be booked a nice hotel (55 € for two night…unbelievable) and so we drove via Poland Friday afternoon. I was well prepared. I got a few good advises how to speak to Vincent and also made a few own plans. I had a little surprise duty I really wanted to fulfill. Just my nervousness and shyness could restrain me.

We arrived Wrocław in time (had just a 30 minutes traffic jam a few miles away of the city) and moved into the hotel room. I’m so glad that we had decided for a vacation apartment for our 10 days in New York City. Don’t get me wrong the room was really sweet and had many things inside, but it was small - perfect for a weekend trip.

The schedule of DGITW should be 22:15. We arrived very early at the cinema but this way I could switch the both tickets I had too much to the Saturday Screening. That was very kind from the AFF people.

We took two seats in the middle of the theatre (I’m more the last row placer, but I wanted to be close Vincent) and my nervousness increased to a maximum.

But to nervous too soon. Vincent didn’t join the audience and also after the screening he wasn’t there to answer questions or something like that. But we had two other tickets and would get another chance, if Vincent just had been more confirmed with the Saturday schedule.

Although it was after midnight there were many people on the streets. We had to walk a little until we finally wink for a cap to pass the rest of the way to our hotel quicker.

The Saturday we used for sightseeing and geocaching. All in all we found seven caches. We had a very delicious breakfast in the area around the university. If you order hot chocolate you’ll get fluid chocolate pudding.

Wrocław is a beautiful city with an amazing historic center. I read in Krajewski’s books, that the war also touched Breslau, but it wasn’t visible. Outside the historic ring are wonderful big old buildings like in Berlin and like I love them in combination with socialism buildings made with precast concrete slabs like I hate them.

Breslau 1 Breslau 2 Breslau 3

But the inner circle had really sweet building with much sculptures between. We entered one church tower for a better overview, ate ice-cream, did a little window shopping and cached. I was so exhausted, but we had that second appointment at the cinema. At Saturday the schedule was 19:15. Second try (also again well prepared for my Vincent meeting plan)! We had a full moon. That was a good sign. I saw my last under the Brooklyn Bridge…sigh.

 Breslau 4 Breslau 5  Breslau 6

As my mom and I entered the theater there were two seats at the door reserved with two sheets of papers. That was a very good sight. But the time ran and no Vincent. This time there spoke an AFF member before the screening…told three times Vincent’s name, but more I didn’t get, he spoke in Polish. We saw the movie again and the lights switched on without him…

…I really like the movie. Okay, it was very creepy and bloody. The actors speak fast and mumble. It was much harder to follow that movie than Staten Island last year.

But the music was so beautiful. I don’t want to write much about it, because you all will love the ending and I don’t want to disturb it. But I would love to discuss the movie with people who already watched it.

And Eric in this pimp suit. I screamed as I saw him. I just have a few questions and comments. C’mon, I think all young French people are able to speak English. At least if you do an exchange year. I really liked the bassist. Robbie was really yummy and to see him rock…wohoo. Was he really blind? It was really cool to see Nick’s song growing over the whole movie. Why stared Anton strictly on his feet as he and the girls met the hunters? Will there be a soundtrack available? How fare away is Vincent with a regular distribution? The whole camping area was too clean. After 10 minutes your sleeping backs are dirty. And how in the world could be the sleeping back scene Vincent’s most favorite? That was so heavy. It is really a little crazy to write such a script. Who made him angry in this time?


I’m very interested if the Europe audience reacts in another way than an US audience. What a shame that Vincent had no time to find out. It was really a wonderful weekend and Wrocław a beautiful place to visit and Don’t go in the woods a movie you should watch. I’m a little sad that he didn’t come. I didn’t know if I had been brave enough to talk to Vincent but I didn’t get a chance to find out…not this time, but I’ll get my chance.

Sunday we had an exclusive breakfast at the Oder and then we headed off back to Berlin.

Two more articles about DGITW at AFF you can find here and here.

[Trailer and clips are from the facebook page of DGITW]


  1. Wow, the pics are so nice (:
    I was really hoping for you that Vincent would show up...
    Seems like you're very busy, trip after trip after trip :D

  2. na Du hast ein tolles Leben !!
    aber ich gönne es dir .
    und Geburtstag auch .!!!
    Mensch , Meier :-)

  3. Thanks for that very sweet report... :-) *hugs*

  4. Thanks so much...yes, the trip was really wonderful and Wroclaw is a beautiful city.

  5. Even if you didn't get to meet Vincent you seem to have had a wonderful weekend :)
    We'll get our chance!!!! ;-)

  6. Your accounts of your trips are always so fascinating to read...not just about Vincent but the history and scenery too...I love that! I'm hoping that you will get another chance to meet up with Vincent and I'm glad you obviously had a lovely time!

  7. Yes Nantz and Miex, there will be another chance to meet Vincent.

  8. I loved reading your report, Havers! I'm VERY sorry Vincent didn't show up, but I'm glad you're thinking positively. Yes, I believe you will get to meet him one day. I would LOVE to discuss DGITW with you! You are welcome to email me at

  9. Hey Ruby, I wrote you an email with my first impressions of the movie.