Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mother's House Update

July 12, 2010: Magic Hour. That's the term cinematographers use to describe the first and last hours of daylight - when the sun slants low across a golden sky, the red paintbrush of dawn or dusk touching every surface. Peak Road rolls like a wave: it crests in sunny fields and drops into shadow in the little valley near Mother's House. The light plays tag in the trees... is someone there?

Or is it just magic hour?

Mother's House 3

July 7, 2010: Here is our Director of Photography... on this way to Siberia! Don't worry; he promised to be back in time to shoot Mother's House, but right now he's filming a documentary. We're interested to learn if the mosquitos in Yakutsk are as ferocious as the ones in upstate NY.

P.S. This is post #50 of lovely Kathryn. That is really crazy. Thanks so much for all of your support in my initial phase.

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