Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cultivate a Friendship

Last year in spring I met Hannah over the www. She commented my current Criminal Intent story on We wrote back and forth and in under seven days we mailed daily very long emails. This contact didn't stop until now. Today I send her an email with nearly 3000 words. Okay, it looks like we're on a crazy trip the last couple of days.

Our special friendship grew more and more and now it's a year ago, that I visited Hannah in Salzburg. We had wonderful six days I won't miss.

In the last month I became excited more and more. Hannah will visit me in Berlin in seven days from now. So I created a little countdown, to get even more excited.

I can't wait for the moment, I'll pick her from Tegel airport. I really have to think about what I wanted to show her. I have to make a list ;o)


  1. So cute! Love the countdown clock!

  2. fine story , very good that you could
    develop such a friendship .
    my aunt lives in Salzburg .
    the clock is GREAT !

  3. ich erwarte einen genauen bericht, was ihr alles schönes gemacht habt ;)

  4. *wipes tears away*
    You're too much! I can't wait either!

  5. You all can see the clock? Great, I saw it in the preview but now I just have a big empty square.

    You'll get a report about our meeting...we'll see how detailed ;o)