Thursday, July 15, 2010

Auction End and Skirt Moments

Yesterday ended the caritybuzz auction for the Summit School. Beside a script of Blind Spot with the signs of Kathryn, Vincent and Eric, Acting Lessons with Vincent you could bid on a dress and a coat of Kathryn she wore as Alex Eames.

I am really the winner. That’s so unreal. The maximum bid was US$ 225.

As the auction started I was very uncertain about the two garments. Yes, Alex wore very often a grey coat. I thought of the one she wore in Untethered. I noted the same coat still in season 5. But I checked the collar of both and they didn’t fit.

The dark blue dress with the light blue highlights was an even bigger mystery. Alex in a dress? You can count the times on one hand. For a short moment I thought the whole auction would be a big, bad hoax, but I spoke with a few other CI and Alex fans and finally Untapdtreasure calmed me. Alex wore the ensemble in Privilege on the Lady Harrington party. The setting was just too dark and Alex wore the whole time the coat over the dress so it was very difficult to see. I checked the collar of the coat. Yes, it is the same.

I was pacified and did also one bid. Okay, I’m just 5’ so the clothes should fit in length but I know I would never fit in size two. Anyway it will be wonderful to own something of Kathryn, of Alex, this ideal of me and support a charity project.

After solving that dress mystery I was curious. In how many scenes Alex wore a skirt or dress? I remembered a few by myself and started a request to get one more episode.

So here is my collection of Alex in a dress/skirt moments.

All caps done by myself beside the two first auction gift pictures.

8 episode moments, 1 bathrobe/towel, 1 picture in wedding dress, 2 promo pictures. Very interesting that Alex wore the most time skirts in combination with high boots…did you saw the heel in Suite Sorrow? Sexy, but dangerous.


  1. I had to really look close at the "Privilege" episode...there is a pattern on the duster and the neckline of the dress seems to match. I think you got yourself a wonderful ensemble...congratulations again! By all means post about the "Celebrity Ghost Stories"...I can't wait to see Katie's part!

  2. OMG! Congratulations!!! This is awesome!
    What a great blog post - excellent collection of caps - well done!

  3. Congratulations on your auction items. That's awesome.
    Wonderful presentation btw.
    I love the high heeled boots, she wore them well.

  4. Thanks so much for all your good wishes. Until now it's not real that I really won the auction. Maybe when I open the package.

    @Nantz: thank you...I'll do a post at Saturday (one week before).

    @Quietfire/Beverly: I'm really proud of the slide show. I planned to do this in combination with the auction end since two or three weeks.

  5. So cool. Here's hoping it arrives before you know when ;-)

    I'll get myself some Latex gloves, too...!

  6. @TJara: It would be so cool to unflold the package together with you.