Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More Binder pictures and my very own collage of a truth coming dream

I told you in early June that the binders of Kathryn and Eric were shipped to their agencies. June 8, we got the news that the binders were forwarded to the actors.

Susan, our delivery administrator took a few pictures of the stuffed binders before she put it into their boxes. Take a look at the great artwork, the funny and honoring letters, the amazing decorated pages of the contributors and the little extra items we organized.

But I also wanted to show you what I did with the autograph Susan managed to ask from Vincent as she delivered personally his binder.

I wanted to say thanks to the crew and how honored I’m to be a member. The whole work over the last months was very exciting and the result is overwhelming.



  1. The binders turned out beautifully.
    All the artwork, some very creative people out there.

  2. Ganz toll , so liebevoll gemacht !!
    Bobby´s binder so wie er ist (lol)
    tolle Fan Sachen echt gut !
    wie gut , das jetzt gleich c.i. kommt ;-)

  3. @Beverly: oh yes, there were so creative people who created amazing pages for the three actors. It was an honor to read every letter.

    @Rennschnecke: Ich bin echt stolz, wie toll und reibungslos das Binderprojekt verlaufen ist. Klar war es Arbeit, aber das resultat kann sich mehr als sehen lassen.

  4. It was exciting, wasn't it?! I love the collage!

  5. @Susan...I think I have to redo the collage, know when...happy smile.