Friday, June 4, 2010

100 Drabble - Service

Title: Hot Coffee
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: T
Word Count: 98
A/N: Missing scene of Shandeh.

“That wasn’t the best service!” I mumbled, and rubbed my moist thigh.

With fierce eyes Alex snapped back, “No?”

“You ruined my pants…” I pointed on the huge brown coffee stain on the grey material.

“Oh please! You wanted to get Big Louis attention. I did and we got him,” she replied, and took off the white apron.

“You had so many other possibilities.” I wiggled my finger before her short black skirt and the chaste collar of that sexy waitress uniform, but Alex's raised eyebrows warned me I was about to get another serving of hot coffee…


  1. Sorry, all i can think about is Bobby's moist thigh.....mmmhmhmhmh

  2. I'm with you Bev! Bobby's moist thigh, Bobby's moist thigh...I'm wet! ;D

  3. Oh dear, that bad???

    But when it helps: Bobby's moist thighs, Bobby's moist thighs, Bobby's moist thighs...

  4. Thanks for that! Now I'm suppose go on with my day. Can you say " sexually frustrated"!!!