Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kathryn's binder is in the mail

The binder project is nearly finished. What a long journey. I had so much fun in the last months with the girls of the crew and want to say thanks again to Hannah, Susan, Barbi and Suzanne. We worked hard for our dream and got back so many more.

It was am honor to read all these different letters. I believe deep in my heart that Eric, Kathryn and Vincent will love that special good bye gift.

So yesterday Susan called the two agencies of Kathryn and Eric. She talked with the assistants of their agents. They’ll wait for the boxes and send them to Kathryn and Eric as soon as they get them.

So the last duty in this project is to call again next week, if the binders traveled well. I’m so nervous and excited. I’ll let you know, if we’ll maybe get an answer from the two actors…

…if you now ask yourself: and what is with Vincent’s binder?

Oh, he has his binder already. Check the savinggorenandeamesnow blog and read the great report about how Susan delivered the binder personally to Vincent. I still tremble when thinking about it.

Vincent signing


  1. i see that picture of Vinnie and everytime it makes me squeel. so exciting! I,m sure Kate and Eric will both be delighted with their binders as well. Here's hoping you get a reply!

  2. It's so sweet he got a smile out of the "Goren and Eames ARE Criminal Intent" postcard ;-)

  3. Kathryn's binder was really beautiful and filled with goodies that she is sure to smile about - personalized post-its and business cards(with a silver case!), a pen with "A" on it, some mini-tissues wrapped in a police-themed cloth cover, a fake cell phone,Skittles(2 packs!) and, of course the best part, all the wonderful letters sent in by her fans. It will surely please her!

  4. @Beverly: Yes, Kathryn and Eric will like their binders, too. I'm really excited about next week and Susan's call.

    @TJara: oh yes, Vincent was smiling a lot for Susan.

    @Susan: I love to watch the pictures you took of the stuffed binder.

  5. It's very exciting! Girls, you made a wonderful job! Cheers!
    word verif : imamfvou ;)