Tuesday, June 8, 2010

100 Drabble - Undercover

Title: Caught in the Act
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: M
Word Count: 99
A/N 1: I saw Huff last week for the first time. That scene caught me.

I’m so not me when thinking about her. Mhm, her eyes and lips, a slender neck followed by marvelous curves. Creamy skin and swollen nubs, a perfect apple butt, I want to bite.

I can’t stop thinking about her and my hands run deep and deeper…under the covers.

Stroking myself would help. But whom am I kidding? I could spoil myself a thousand times and want a thousand more, always with her body in my mind.

A squeaking door, a startled gaze and hands upon the blanket…caught in the act.

“Oh Bobby, you didn’t start without me, did you?”


  1. Oh God! I love your 100 words. They make me laugh. The thought of Bobby getting himself off. LOL
    What a riot.

  2. Thanks so much Beverly. I really like to play with the 100 every week. There are great finger exercises and bring me always good vibes.

  3. We're gonna need one of those warnings here soon, no?

  4. @TJara: You tell me after you published your own 100 Undercovers...

    ...yes, maybe I should warn everyone of my 100. They can get naughty, very naught.