Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yosemite - more reviews

Last night Blanca published her photos of her Yosemite matinee visit. Take a look at her Vincent and the Mystic Pizza Box blog. She also wrote a little about her meeting with Kathryn.

I also got a wonderful comment of Virginia the author of Acceptance Project. She made this awesome interview with Daniel Talbott.

I have to say, Kathryn is absolutely brilliant in "Yosemite." Her performance is so beautifully subtle, with a smoldering passion underneath even the most off-the-cuff line. You can't help but believe every word! She's so delicate and so strong at the same time. It's a great role for her and she never pulls back from the emotional intensity.
This was my first time seeing her perform live...and I think she's wonderful.

Here another comment about Yosemite made by at

Excellent show. There were moments when the dramatic tension broke and it was re-focused almost immediately. The actors maintained a level of excellence that was admirable and intense. I was stunned with the content of the show, the story is shocking, and I suspect close to the truth. It is not for the feint of heart. The set was brilliant. The proscenium disappeared into the distant forests of Yosemite. Excellent.

I only read one tumblr entry, that the visitor didn't like Kathryn's performance.

For more news about Yosemite, remember tomorrow (01/26/12) will be the official opening of the play (Will there be a red carpet hour and press??? I really hope so), here another interview with Daniel Talbott: Theater in the Now .

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