Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's wonderful to find old articles about Kathryn but this way it's much harder to find additional stuff like belonging photos. I also don't found much information about this supporting breast cancer party.

By Ellen Tien,
Published: October 28, 2001

If Prada and Gucci are generally Hollywood's Most Wanted -- with movie and television actors covering themselves in brand names as if they were race cars -- Kathryn Erbe is uniquely un-Hollywood. "I won't spend lavishly on a trend," she said, "because I know I'll only wear it for about a minute."

Ms. Erbe, who plays a detective on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent," fills her closet with clothes from stores like Banana Republic and Urban Outfitters. While her television wardrobe consists mostly of tailored pantsuits by Armani and Ann Taylor ("The network guys said, 'No skirts.' Since I'm only 5 foot 4, they felt that pants showed my figure more"), her standard daytime wear consists of Levi's jeans, Gap T-shirts and a Tibetan monks' bag.

Last week at a party sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue for National Breast Cancer Month, Ms. Erbe dressed true to form, in a Fashion Targets Breast Cancer T-shirt ($25 at Saks Fifth Avenue), Joie jeans with crystal detailing on the pockets and legs ($125 at www.funkylala .com), a Catherine Malandrino red star belt ($198 at Henri Bendel), red stiletto Michael Perry ankle boots ($440 at Michael Perry) and an old Betsey Johnson leopard handbag.

This winter, Ms. Erbe plans to stock up on Chaiken and Capone trousers and studded boots and bags from Eidolen in Brooklyn. She's also searching for the "perfect" down coat. And while her Brooklyn address means she generally shops downtown, "my shrink's uptown, so I can pop into the uptown stores once a week," she said.

Photo (Christopher Smith for The New York Times)


  1. Besides, skirts aren't very practical for cops at all. Imagine running in them...

  2. Exactly...
    ...but I'm glad at least to a few special events Alex wore a skirt.

  3. Nothing to be said against skirts on special occasions!