Friday, January 13, 2012

DogCatemy Awards

Maybe you saw the tweets that North Shore Animal League America was allowed to ring the NASDAQ bell last December. I registered the event and also hoped of more information (links via twitter) but didn't grab deeper because there was no hint of Kathryn anywhere a month ago. Yesterday, I stumbles over the NSALA facebook page and clicked through their photo albums, seeing that Kathryn visited the event, too. She didn't ring the bell, but she attended the following DogCatemy Rescue Awards.

Cesar Millan Honored at DogCatemy Rescue Awards

December 11, 2011 by

When it comes to contributions in canine care, many television viewers call Cesar Millan a pack leader, and on December 8, 2011 the Dog Whisperer was honored for his efforts with the first-ever “Cesar Millan Award for Excellence in Mutt-i-gree Education” at North Shore Animal League America‘s annual DogCatemy Rescue Awards Dinner.

After the Nat Geo Wild star rang the closing bell at NASDAQ Marketsite in Times Square, it was time for the dinner bell to ring at the start of a star-studded, sold-out soiree emceed by Brian Kilmeade, a co-host of Fox News Channel’s FOX and Friends.

The evening included a line up of animal-loving luminaries, including Law and Order star Kathryn Erbe, actor Josh Flitter (Santa Buddies) and Beth Stern, wife of shock jock Howard Stern and a celebrity spokesperson for NSALA who appears on the organization’s 2012 calendar.

Friends of Fidos and felines who were unable to attend the fundraiser will feel like virtual guests at the glitterati-filled event thanks to North Shore Animal League America, which shares the evening in the following video:

Here are the other red carpet pictures. Wow, Kathryn in snuggling with 4 dogs ;o)
I love how these two little puppies sniff at each other. Mhm, there are again the old rock hoop earrings by Daphna Simon. I had loved to inspect Kathryn's outfit a little closer (the coat is looking great) but like the last animal event, there is always a doggy in front of ;o)

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Getty Images: Omar Tobias Vega


  1. I so love her engagement in animal causes!

    But Kathryn - a white outfit to a doggy event? I might have to borrow you Aidan!

    word verif: antje

  2. All these animal league TV dogs look very very very clean ;o)

    I couldn't help but thought there is a little tummy under he white shirt. I was, oh no, no way, not with 45. But I checked photos which were made only three days before...
    ...Kathryn must have stand bad in light.

    OMG about the verification. Too cool to be true.