Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 Backyards in Norway

The 22nd Tromsǿ International Film Festival running from 17th to 22nd January and will air Eric Mendelsohn's 3 Backyards three times.

Dag Tid Place Kalender Tickets
Wednesday 18.Jan 20:00 Fokus 2/3 Add show Fokus 2, Fokus 3
Thursday 19.Jan 13:30 Fokus 1/5 Add show Fokus 1, Fokus 5
Sunday 22.Jan 09:00 Fokus 1/5 Add show Fokus 1, Fokus 5

Ticket prices: 85 Kr = 11 € = $14

Yesterday I also stumbled in one of the many Kathryn tumblrs over a page where you can download the movie. I can't tell you how legal this option is, but you need to register to get 3 Backyards this way.

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