Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Love Guide

Maybe you discovered it but a few days after New Year I deleted nearly my whole Kathryn’s Current Movie section here at the blog. Today I finally found the time to reinstall the tab. Thank God, I never deleted the movie information in my side bar. I only need to add all the screenings for Mother’s House and 3 Backyards to have the section complete again, phu.

With checking all the information I was curious about the status of Sunny Side Up and made a new google check.

image name
image name

Take a look what I found. They renamed the movie to ‘The Love Guide’. There is also a trailer available (sniff they really managed to make TWO spelling mistakes in Kathryn’s name). But I didn’t found anymore news beside a page with a synopsis and the DVD cover,

Published of at 11/28/2011

How cool the dramaturge of Icarus is also in the movie. OMG, to Kathryn's styling.

GENRE: Romantic Comedy

CAST: Parker Posey (Superman Returns, You’ve Got Mail)

SYNOPSIS: A married couple, Millie and Al, are dealing with a struggling chicken farm business and a struggling marriage. Fortunately, they may have a savior—reality television!

After a chance meeting with a television producer named Ira, Millie agrees to have her life featured in the reality show, “Cut the Crap,” hosted by everyone’s favorite hippie/yogi—Angela Lovecraft (Parker Posey). Angela is the ultimate free-spirit--living in the moment with only the slightest grasp of reality.

Al hates the idea of being filmed and refuses to participate, creating more friction in her relationship with Mille. He spends most of his time on his fishing boat.

In the first few days of shooting, Ira realizes that Millie is, how shall I say this…boring! He decides to spice things up by following Al, who is having lunch with a mysterious woman. Ira tells Millie that Al might be doing more than just fishing on his boat, even though he isn’t, just to create more drama.

Just when it seems Millie and Al might be headed for a divorce, Angela uses her New Age powers to remind the couple exactly why they love each other, and that using love, they can survive any obstacle in their way. Angela learns that it’s sometimes fun having your feet on the ground, instead of always having your head in the clouds.

“Sunny Side Up” is a charming, funny tale about life, love and chickens.

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