Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Vanishing City - Screening

Today I got an email and I visited finally the facebook page of The Vanishing City. They have very good news.

Facebook: "The Vanishing City" has been accepted as an Official Selection of the Williamsburg International Film Festival (WILLiFEST) - a film and music festival featuring film screenings, musical events, Q&A’s and panels.

Email: We are psyched to announce that we will be in the Williamsburg Film Festival, taking place Sept. 23 - 26. We have not yet been given an exact screening day / time yet. As soon as we hear, we'll announce it.

In addition there will be an article about the documentation in the Daily News in the next days.

Facebook: Watch for an article about us in the Daily News! Fiore and Jen were interviewed by film critic Joe Neumaier, and there was a photoshoot with Jen, Fiore, Erika Hampson (Oscar winner, and exec producer) and Kathryn Erbe (ex-Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and narrator). Not sure of when it'll appear, but most likely it'll be in the New York Events section.

Email: Also, watch for an article about us in the Daily News. Don't know exactly when that will be either. Fiore and Jen were interviewed by Joe Neumaier and photographs of Jen and Fiore and Erika Hampson (exec producer) and Kathryn Erbe (narrator) were taken for the article just yesterday [07th September]. It will most likely appear in the New York Events section.

I think we'll see the pictures in web [I hope soon] but maybe you're able to buy your own exemplar of the newspaper with the Kathryn pictures and the article.

P.S. I also got an answer from Ghent [3 Backyards Screening].

Dear Antje,

Thank you for your message.
The film will indeed be part of our festival.
At this stage we have no confirmation of talent (director or cast). But we are working on it.
The complete line-up and all screening dates will be available on our website from September 29th onwards.
All the best,



  1. I only get the Saturday edition of the New York Times but I'll keep my eyes open for that interview. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. I so hope we get to see this one. It should be so interesting and Kathryn has a lovely voice!

  3. I'll try to get the newspaper at a big newsstand in one of our main stations when knowing the exact edition.

    Maybe arte or zdf info will show the documentary one day...finger crossing.

  4. How cool that you heard from "Wim"!

  5. Oh yes, I was very flattered from Wim's answer. He was the only one who wrote me back. I contacted every film festival for more information.