Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hannah

I wrote this little drabble for the Cool Challenge on Law and Order 100. I think today it needs a little update.

“Hannah, hurry up. We wanna start,” Barbi yelled toward the kitchen.

“C’mon kid we checked out four films and have just that night,” Susan giggled, while drinking up her second margarita.

“I just get the ice-cubes. I know we’ll need them after seeing his naked butt,” Hannah called and sat down next Suzanne, placing the bowl with the frozen surprises onto the table. “Which order?”

“Guy, Claire Dolan, Household Saints…” Susan listed.

“But only the beginning ‘till…” Antje snorted.

“I think I get crazy, when I see Joseph Santangelo’s upper arms again,” Suzanne groaned.

“And finally Naked Tango,” all five women moaned in unison.

“Hannah, are this little penis ice-cubes?”

She nodded dirtily and winked into Antje’s direction. “It’s all her fault. She gave it to me.”


Hannah, I think now you unpacked your gift and I hope you like your little gifts. Have a great day. Enjoy your next year of live. I know there will be a few changing. The Diploma Thesis will be done and maybe you’ll find a job as Historian or you will go on with your second studies and pass more exams.

You’ll run more and exciting doggy competitions, also with Aidan at your side.

Maybe Mr. Right will cross your way. Who knows?

You know I’ll be here. I’ll support you.

We have to meet again as soon as possible. It’s great to chat about everything vis-à-vis.

Ich hab dich lieb,


  1. Hehe! Thank you so much! You are a bunch of conspirators!!
    Now when will you come so we can put the one gift to use?

  2. Awwwwww, Happy Birthday Hannah! The party sounds a blast. All those Vincent movies. Wouldn't that be so much fun. Sending a big hug your way girl, and best wishes for the year to come.
    Antje, you're a good friend to Hannah. It's wonderful to be remembered and celebrated on your birthday.

  3. Now *there* is a story I wish would come true! Happy Birthday Hannah! I think we should visit in the summer and insist Hannah wear the gloves then! Clever changes to the original drabble Antje! Great thinking!

  4. Evil Laughing...all our plans worked and today Hannah can celebrate her birthdays with all our wishes.

    I'm so happy to be your friend and I hope we'll test the ice cubes very soon.

  5. No problem with the gloves, Suzanne. Burberry gloves go with ANY outfit.

  6. Ach! so jealous! happy b-day Hannah!

  7. What a great drabble!!! That's just as I imagined our slumber party would happen! What fun we would have!! Thank you for that, Havers!

  8. @Susan: sigh, you like the drabble. And yes, on our slumber party it will happen like this.

  9. I think the idea of a sleepover can get me through soooo much!!! Have a great day!!