Sunday, September 12, 2010

Alex's Privilege Party ensemble

In the last two weeks a few people asked for the Kathryn’s clothes auction. I think it is time to make finally a post about it.

It was a very lucky Thursday back in July as I got this big package.

Auction 1

The Charitybuzz shipping was quicker than I thought. Okay, I paid nearly $80 US for the delivery so at least it was quick.

It was an amazing moment to unpack Kathryn’s clothes. The dress is a simple dark blue velvet dress from Mark by Mark Jacobs in size two. It is soft and light and although I hate to touch velvet (got problems with breathing) didn’t happen this here. Funnily you can see that the wardrobe changed the sleeves. I think they made them shorter for Kathryn so the dress fit perfectly and didn’t show too much of her cleavage.

And then there is the brocade coat. I love the coat. It’s also dark blue with shimmering blue stitchery. I slipped inside the beautiful size two piece from Nanette LePore. [Look at her prices. I made an immense bargain.] The length of the arms is perfect, the shoulders are okay. The sleeves are a little too tight but there are these damned 20 cm over breasts and belly to close the coat.

If I am strong and keep eating after weight watchers maybe winter 2011/2012??? Who knows?

What really let me scream out loud was the third item in the package. There was also this Polaroid.


At the front you see Kathryn in the ensemble and her sign. On the back a description what she wore.

Auction 3

But how to present this awesome ensemble until I can wear it? Very fast I decide to buy such an antique looking dress doll. It was not easy to get one in the right size...Kathryn’s tiny size but I managed it.


So now dress and coat stand in my room before my big mirror and onto an old wood chest so my little Schoki bunny can’t reach it.



Please don’t publish the pictures unasked somewhere else. I’m not a watermark maker on self made caps and won’t do it in future, but these pictures I took by myself. We can talk about everything.


  1. OOOOH Antje, you must be just thrilled with your winnings. The dress doll is lovely and suits the outfit perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Alles schön und gut ,
    Du solltest das Kleid anziehen
    und posten ,
    wenn Du Lust hast!!
    na o.k das wird wohl nie geschehen .
    schöner post ;-)

  3. @Beverly: yes it is thrilling just to touch the clothes.

    @Rennschnecke: Wenn ich je in das Kleid passe mache ich vielleicht ein Foto...aber ob das online zu sehen sein wird??? Wohl eher nicht ;o)

  4. Muß ja nicht online sein ,
    Du kannst es mir ja schicken ,

  5. This is so awesome. I'm so happy you won these!
    I sure hope Goren took Eames out for a night on the town after they made their arrest at the Harrington party. (Gee they were kind of party poopers, weren't they?) She looked spectacular. Wish we could have seen her without the coat!

  6. @rennschnecke: das hättest du wohl gerne ;o)

    @Quietfire: I think we should write this fic together ;o)

  7. Oh Havers! You have it displayed beautifully! What a gorgeous outfit! I'm so happy for you!

  8. I'm happy, too Susan. Just looking at the outfit let me smile.