Saturday, September 4, 2010

3 Backyards - Festival Fall

3 ackyard

Because I read on Nantz Vinnie Vidi Vici Blog that 3 Backyards will be shown on Woodstock Film Festival. I visited the officially page of this movie again. There I found three more Festival Screenings this fall. Maybe you have the chance to visit one of the screenings.


by Eric Mendelsohn

The story of three residents of the same suburban town over the course of one seemingly perfect autumn day. A businessman with marital troubles wanders around his hometown while waiting for a delayed flight. A little girl steals her mother’s jewellery in the morning and finds herself in an unexpected adult realm. A well-meaning housewife offers her neighbour a lift and the trip detours into unsettling territory.

2010. Hdcam. Couleurs. 1,85. Dolby Sr. 88 Minutes.

Director: Eric Mendelsohn
Producer: Rocco Caruso, Amy Durning, Eric Mendelsohn
Screenwriter: Eric Mendelsohn
Cinematographer: Kasper Tuxen
Editor: Morgan Kasper, Jeffrey K. Miller
Composer: Michael Nicholas

Embeth Davidtz (L’actrice)
Edie Falco (Peggy)
Elias Koteas (John)
Rachel Resheff (Christina)
Wesley Broulik (Big Man)
Kathryn Erbe (La Femme De John)
Danai Gurira (La Femme En Robe Bleue)

Screenings schedule

Tuesday, 07th September 17:30 at C.I.D.
Wednesday, 08th September 21:00 at Casino

After switching back and forth many times I couldn’t find the screening dates. Why all these festival pages have no search function? 3 Backyards in Milano

Tuesday, 30th September 7:30 PM Upstate Films RHINEBECK
Sauturday, 2nd October 7:00 PM Upstate Films WOODSTOCK

These dates I read on Nantz blog. After torturing google I couldn’t find them for myself.

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