Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mother's House Update

August 29, 2010: Rule #1 of a film set: there's never enough elbow room. No matter how large a space you're shooting in, you will inevitably be tripping over each other... here Roger and the camera squeeze in next to the Hoosier cabinet, while Cherity looks for a place to plant her feet while booming the shot. At least Kathryn and Tim got to sit down!

No wonder the crew stretched their legs whenever they got a chance. Check out Dan, Charles, Andrew and Ian showing us how it's done:

Go to facebook to see all the jumping students.

August 24, 2010: Don't be fooled by Kathryn Erbe's peaceful, contemplative expression. She was a ball of energy during the shoot, keeping us all on our toes and focused. (Note to producers: if you want to shoot a mini-movie in only nine days, make sure you have actors like Kathryn and Tim heading up your cast.)

Again, all pictures and information belong Colleen Lynch (Cedar Hill Photography) and Peak Road Productions.

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