Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Young Alex?

I read a nice conversation on twitter yesterday. A few of my CI friends talked about the photos at Johnny Eames’ home. I was curious and took a second glance.

Can we assume that the big b&w picture is Alex with her dad? I say yes, because it’s the one Bobby took a closer look.

Maybe we also see Alex with her mom. But the Eames kids are at least three or maybe four [Alex, Liz and at least one brother]. It’s a wide field of speculation.

The other question is, do we see a young Raymond J. Barry with one of his kids in this photo? Like my friend T’Jara would say: ‘if Criminal Intent would be a Don Bellisario (Magnum, NCIS, JAG, Quantum Leap…) show…’ Yes that would be such a sweet Easter Egg.

I read in Jay Mohr’s Blog that it lasted a whole day to shoot his family pictures of Rispetto.

This way or the other…
…it’s amazing how much details we see in Criminal Intent. I have to watch all the episodes again to catch more.


  1. That'd be a nice thing to resolve on DVD's. If we aren't getting outakes... *sigh*

  2. Oh yes, great idea.

    We got so much background clips in this season. Maybe they'll publish stuff about Johnny Eames home in the next days? I cross my fingers.

  3. yes, I believe that is meant to be Alex and her mom, it looks just like Kathryn to me... I've even seen photos of her wearing similar clothes... and her hair looks just like it did in What About Bob
    (fanTAStic film btw ;)).