Monday, May 23, 2011

Criminal Intent Wrap Party

Half of season 10 is aired [mhm, I can't wait to watch 'The Last Street in Manhattan' in less than four hours] and there are only a few more filming days left. On Friday the whole Criminal Intent Crew celebrated at Craftbar to wrap the final season. It's sweet that they came together so close of their working place. The next weeks will tell us if it was the last wrap...

85 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10011, United States
(212) 461-4300‎

Thanks Nantz for finding the tweet of DJ MODE NYC who also posted the picture with him and Kathryn. She looked very happy. I know I saw her top before, but can't place it. It's badly time for the third 'show me your closet' post.


  1. She looks so good. That guy kind of reminds me of Vincent in FMJ.

  2. He reminds me a tiny bit of David Zarga and also the friend/ex-partner of Charlie Crews of Life.

  3. Oh Godm she looks so sad. I mean she is smiling, but you can tell she's been crying. Poor Kathryn.