Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One year is over...

Today is my first Blog anniversary. Wow, passed really a whole year? Of course I posted a lot of stuff in the last 365 days. This will be number 266. Oh, 1.4 posts a day.

I started my little project to celebrate Kathryn Erbe and her wonderful talent and work. I hope I found a good mix of information about her movies and projects as well as showing my own little creations.

But when looking at my statistics I think, yes I’m on a good way. For the first six months I collected decent ratings. Then I posted the pictures of Rufus Sewell and Donald Sutherland at the Premiere of The Pillars of the Earth in Berlin, October, 27th and got a first high peak at my blog clicks but a little pain in my heart. Great, I thought; the first not related post about Kathryn gained the best place…

I didn’t give up. It is too much fun to blog and there were so many new and interesting projects to report on and possibilities to redesign the blog. [I love my new tabs and enjoy to extend them.] There are five current movie projects, the filming and airing of Criminal Intent S10 and a few red carpet visits plus CI professional and amateur pictures in 2011. I think you all like to watch. When I post Kathryn in flurry of flashbulbs you click. So yesterday you gave me another high high high peak. The best in Lovely Kathryn’s history. But I understand too well. Kathryn and Vincent were looking amazing at the USA Network Upfront.

I have 19 official readers and I thank every single one for staying with me. I love every comment I get on a new post. I try to answer every time. Now and then it last a few more days than I want, but I try to be in contact.

It was the right decision to start the Kathryn Erbe’s first blog experience. It’s cool to write filmmakers and getting answers of them. It’s an exhausting pleasure to go on picture hunts after new premiers. I love to make more and more and more icons, banners, animations and to write fanfiction.

What will bring the future? I don’t know [I hope Criminal Intent episode 200] ;o)

I wanted to make a Mother’s House on Festivals post for days, but all the Rispetto press was overwhelming and crushing.

As long as Kathryn will be busy, I also want to be busy. She is worth the dedication and I’m proud to be a tiny part of it.

All the best from Berlin and salute to the next twelve months,


  1. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, Antje! I can't believe it's only been a seems as if you have been a staple fixture for longer than that. You've done a fantastic job with all the news regarding Katie and all of your creative icons and artwork have been a joy to see. Here's hoping Katie keeps busy so you can too!

  2. Happy Anniversary my friend! You can be proud of your good work. I wasn't a Kathryn's fan but, since I follow your blog I appreciate her more and more. Thanks to you I discovered the woman and the great actress.
    You know how much I'm impressed by your artistic talent and how much I enjoy your icons, banners and fictions.
    The most important thing to me : I met a wonderful young woman who is brilliant, nice, funny and pretty naughty. You, my dear Antje.
    As you said: salute to the next twelve months!

  3. Congratulations! You have created a Lovely Blog! I've enjoyed it over the past year and will continue to enjoy as long as you post.
    I wish you (and Kathryn) all the best!

  4. HUGS to all of you. I met so many great people in blogger land.

  5. Congrats on the one year anniversary havers! Keep up the great work!

  6. Happy Birthday... so to speak ;-)