Thursday, May 5, 2011

Long weekend in Paris

I'll spend four days in Paris with my mom [our little 1st of May tradition]. We will visit Paris for the second time. The last short stay is 10 years ago. To make the time short until I'm back 28 Vincent D'Onofrio icons for guys20in20:

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Read you next Tuesday.


Found via twitter. When you can tell me more about Tamsen Fadal that would be cool. Is that a morning tv show with a podcast or something like this...

Kathryn Erbe taught me a few of her Law & Order, Criminal Intent moves!
© 2011 Tamsen Fadal, all rights reserved

Mhm and wow, Kathryn in a short dress. I badly need to see more of that outfit.

EDIT! TheReel found what I was looking for:


  1. Have a nice trip sweetie! The sun's shining here, I hope it's the same in Paris!
    I've just noticed I can leave a comment in LJ with OpenID! I learn everyday :)

  2. Paris was hot, hot, hot exhauisting but great.

    I saw your comment on the icons. THANK YOU.