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Ode to Joy - Critique

by David Gordon • Feb 27, 2014

As Adele, Erbe is a magnetic presence, and it's absolutely clear why both Howard and Hope's characters would be drawn to her. It helps that, as a trio, they have terrific chemistry and all are on the same page regarding the just-slightly-heightened style of acting the play needs.

by The Zookeeper • February 27, 2014

by Rochelle Denton • February 27, 2014

by Frank Scheck • February 27, 2014

Ode to Joy – a Painful Struggle
by JK Clarke • February 28, 2014
The actors in the play do their job admirably, considering that the material they’re working with is not terribly strong. An occasional snarky, clever line is snuck in between mostly cliché and largely hard-to-swallow dialog; yet, it is delivered expertly. In the hands of lesser actors, the play would be a total disaster. Too much of it feels like the etchings of someone in recovery attempting to work out some rather serious internal, personal issues.
Oddly enough, the standout feature of the play was the various “accident” choreographies. Co-Fight Directors David Anzuelo and Jesse Geguzis did an admirable job with the many scenes that required actors falling on glass, on each other or simply falling out of chairs. Erbe, Howard and Roxanna Hope (Mala) displayed remarkable skill with their physical performances. It’s a pity they didn’t have a stronger script to prop them up.
Off-Broadway - “Ode to Joy” at Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre at the Cherry Lane Theatre
by David Roberts • February 28, 2014
Under Lucas’ inventive and careful direction, the ensemble cast delivers powerful performances which delve into the depths of human despair and humanity’s attempts to numb despair’s concomitant searing pain. Mr. Lucas tackles salvation head on and scores.


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