Wednesday, February 19, 2014

First Ode to Joy Fan report

Finally I found a little fan report about Kathryn's current play. :: cari travels the world :: posted pictures on tumblr:

You can find her post here. Go and like or reblog it.
Thanks @cherrylntheatre & #OdeToJoy for reminding me that Kathryn Erbe is a phenomenal stage actress.
She was the reason I went to see it, and is amazing, but Arliss Howard really pulled it all together. I think Adele (Erbe) was supposed to be the anchor, but I think Bill (Howard) was her anchor. Roxanna Hope’s Mala was an interesting one.
Cherry Lane is a fabulous space, but especially for the intimacy of this production. You’re up close (especially me in front row) and nearly a part of their drama.
Drama. Yes. Not Romantic Comedy. Either that, or I don’t know what romance is. Seeing as I didn’t think Bridges of Madison County was romance, that’s entirely possible.
Overall, I really enjoyed it. I’m glad I saw it early in previews, because I’m pretty sure I want to see it again. Runs through March 30 at the Cherry Lane.


  1. thanks so much, I'm glad you found it. I loved your post on the reading last year. Kathryn is amazing, as always. Arliss was the perfect complement. Wasn't that thrilled about the Mala casting. Spoke with Kathryn and Arliss after. She is so gracious, it's really amazing.

    1. PS: FandomsAreLove on tumblr has some press photos. Not sure if you found those.

    2. Yes, I'm so happy you posted about your experience. Thank you. Oh yes, I also saw the press photos. ;o)
      So great...Kathryn looks amazing. Will she ever age? ;o)

    3. Seriously. She doesn't look almost 50. Amazing. And she's an even better actor then she was early on