Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

I wish all of you a wonderful and successful 2014. Let's rock it.

I'll see if I can finish my and what new job I'll get after my PDI time.

I can't wait to post new stuff about Kathryn's working and charity life. Let's cross our fingers for more theater work and maybe a TV role. Blood from a Stoner and Worst Friends are complete. The festival season can start!

Fulfilling a Lovely Kathryn Blog tradition, a view back on Kathryn's 2013. 


  • 25.: Backstage visit of WHO'S AFRAID OF Virginia Woolf on Broadway
  • 30.: Opening Night of 'All the Rage' - West Bank Cafe in New York City
  • 25.: Atlantic Theatre Company Spring Gala
  • 28.: Opening night of The Revisionist
  • 01.: Start of rehearsals for Nikolai and the Others
  • 12.: L&O: Criminal Intent - The Final Year DVD release
  • 18.: 30thAnniversary Gala of Vineyard Theatre
  • 04.04-16.06.: Nikolai and the Others - Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, NY
  • 05.: Steppenwolf Theater's Red or White Ball 
  • 22.: WCFonline Gala, NYC
  • 06.: Opening Night of Nikolai and the Others
  • 08.: On SVU as Alex Eames 
  • 20.: The Mask of the Jaguar King Reading- Harbor Theatre, 3pm and 7 pm, NYC
  • 27.: Natural Affection rehearsals with press
  • 05.: Rattlestick's 'The Hilltown Plays' Opening Night After Partty at Sullivan Hall
  • 08.: TACT INSIDER Final rehearsal gathering Natural Affection, 6pm
  • 11.: Celebs at NYC' Annual Charity Day Event at the Cantor Fitzgerald Office
  • 12.: TACT INSIDER Invited TECH rehearsal Natural Affection, 7:30 pm
  • 17.09.-26.10.: Natural Affection - Beckett Theatre, NY
  • 20.: First Friday of Natural Affection + Talk Back, 8 pm
  • 26.: Opening Night of Natural Affection
  • 16.: Job at Long Island - Reading: 6:30-8:30 pm, Temple Sinai of Massapequa (270 Clocks Blvd)

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