Friday, November 30, 2012

Checkers Review

There are only three more dates left to visit Vineyard Theater and seeing Kathryn Erbe life on stage as Pat Nixon.

Reminder: CHECKERS must close this Sunday! Only two tix left for Sun, but seats are available Fri/Sat... get them while you can! 

They also pointed on this awesome review written by Kathy McGee on her BroadWayBroad Blog:

Following an extremely long political season, the last thing I wanted was more politics as usual.  Politics as blood sport is brilliantly staged at the Vineyard Theater.   The political drama “Checkers” thunders on stage, seeping deep into our psyche. 
     The play written by Douglas McGrath is about Richard and Pat Nixon.  It takes place in 1966 and 1952 as Nixon fights to become the Vice Presidential Nominee. Never would I have imagined an emotional connection to the Nixons.  But it’s due to a powerfully written play with magnetic performances from Kathryn Erbe as Pat Nixon and Anthony LaPaglia in the role of Richard Nixon.  Erbe left me in teary-eyed, filled with sorrow for a woman I knew little about when she was in the White House.
   Following the Sunday matinee I attended two weeks ago, there was a talkback with members of the cast.  I asked if they found certain parallels between the play and the recent U.S. Presidential campaigns.  Of course they did.  Erbe also talked about taking on a role as challenging as Pat Nixon and creating the political wife’s persona by watching YouTube videos, paying close attention to her posture.  “The more I lived in her skin… the better I understood her.”  Erbe said the more she researched Mrs. Nixon, the more she fell in love with the character. 
     The more I visit the Vineyard, the more I’ve grown to appreciate and love the work that originates downtown.  The Vineyard productions don’t disappoint.   There’s still time to check out “Checkers” at the Vineyard Theater before it closes on December 2nd.

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