Thursday, March 22, 2012


Finally, the Yosemite program with Kathryn's greetings and sign, Blanca organized for me arrived two days ago.

Thank you again my friend for your help during the whole letter project.

Now the program hangs next to my other Kathryn autographs and the one of Vincent I own beside other CI stuff. Space is getting less ;o)

After I opened the envelope which included also a sweet note of Blanca and a self-made shamrock of Alberto I checked again Kathryn's iMDb page [Inspired by the intro of Kathryn in the Yosemite program]. I wanted to check if there is maybe a new project we can be excited about. Nothing new, but my eyes fell on a movie I never paid attention before.

Joe - the only US short to be accepted to the 1997 Cannes Film Festival, is about a man whose happiness resolves around his shoes.

Kathryn got a SPECIAL THANKS in Sasha Wolf's short of 1997.

Unfortunately there are so less information about this movie. But you can get a DVD copy at amazon. Short 3 - Authority is a compilation of 8 international short films including Joe.
Sasha Wolf's Joe, the quietly observed story of a man holding on to his precarious sense of identity in a mental hospital, and the experimental comic piece.
I ask me, did Kathryn make a short guest appearance? Did she offer her home for filming? Supported she the film maker in any other direction?. I would like to watch the movie and find out. But maybe one of you knows a few answers...


  1. It may have been as "simple" as being an inpiration or a friend :)

    1. Good guess, but looking at the other SPECIAL THANKS (other known actors like Stanley Tucci, Helen Hunt and Martha Plimpton let me guess that there was a tiny guest appearance. But who knows???