Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here are a few more photos of Kathryn at her both last events: Tribes and Atlantic Theater Company Spring Gala Presents Bring It On Home. - I love the two pics of the Atlantic Theater Company Flickr.

You can find the pictures here and also some I showed before but with other watermark:
By the way on Monday I got an email of Joan Teitelman from WENN. Joseph Marzullo one of their photographers discovered that I republished his photo given to She asked me very kindly to take down the picture or pay for it. I deleted the pictures as soon as I read the email. I know I break copyright when republishing any pictures I didn't take by myself. But I hope when crediting the photographer and the source will bend the rules slightly. Of course now I know I will not publish anything of Mr. Marzullo, knowing he googles his work.

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