Thursday, September 6, 2012

SVU News

By Adam Bryant and Natalie Abrams, TV GUIDE 
Published 9:14 p.m., Tuesday, September 4, 2012
I'm excited for Kathyrn Erbe to come to SVU. What can you tell me about her visit? - Jessica
Although Erbe's reprising her role as Detective Eames from Criminal Intent, she is now working with Homeland Security as part of a joint task force investigating terrorists. She'll meet up with Benson & Co. when the terrorists are connected to a sex-trafficking ring. Executive producer Warren Leight (who ran CI for several seasons) says he was struck by the characters' similarities. "These are two women who had long-term partnerships with difficult guys," Leight says. "These are two people who've been underestimated - who've worked just as hard, just as long -and people don't quite get how good they are." But those people will have ample opportunity to see what they've been missing: Leight promises Erbe will be back at least once later in the season.

I would love to know when they film Kathryn's episode. I assume somewhere in the next weeks. The two hour double opener episode was wrapped a few days ago and I think they are now filming the third episode. Ep #4 will be next.

P.S. yeah to at least one more SVU episode with Kathryn. It's so great to get Alex back.


  1. I still hope she says something about Bobby and where he is. It is only right for us hardcore Goren fans to have the writers do this.

    1. We all know the L&O universe. Not many personal stuff. I fear we won't hear anything about Bobby.
      Nevertheless, I'm so happy to get Alex back (at least for two episodes)

  2. TWO episodes that's even more exciting, i can't wait to see them.

    1. I also danced the happy dance as I heard about the second episode.