Thursday, September 13, 2012

100 Drabble - Season

Title: The last warm sun beams
Prompt: Season
Characters: Alexandra Eames/Robert Goren
Rating: K+
Word Count: 101
A/N 1: My view of the ‘he left’ comment.
A/N 2: Sorry, no time for a beta check.

Maybe it was the last warm day of summer. The sun was still warm but the strong wind announced the coming fall. Digging her toes into the chilling sand, Alex leaned back and enjoyed the view over the ocean.

She was glad living back in Rockaway close to the Atlantic – the perfect balance to the new task force job.

Strong arms wrapped around her body and Alex nuzzled even closer to Bobby’s frame. They both smiled down the tiny bundle in her lap, still astonished about the miracle they had made only a few months ago – happy family in the end.


  1. P.S. I think she should just smile knowingly when asked about him!

    1. Yes a mischievous smile would be the best. I don't want too many information when they say that there is no contact between Bobby and Alex anymore. This would make me sad.

  2. I have a horrible feeling he won't be mentioned at all, i guess that would be better than Eames saying they split up and she doesn't see him though. We will have to wait and see.

    1. I prefer no information about Bobby at all before bad news about their friendship.