Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Love Guide aka Sunny Side Up

Together with Mother's House at Newport Beach Film Festival, California.

The Love Guide
Derek Purvis, David Pomes 2011
Categories: Feature, Spotlight

Run time: 81 min. | U.S.A. | Language: English

A small town chicken farmer experiencing financial difficulties does what any down to earth person would do - they go on a reality show! Millie, who runs a chicken farm, is conflicted with her love for her chickens and her family's financial state. Angela Lovecraft hosts a traveling reality show and chooses this chicken farmer as her next target. When Millie decides to go on the reality show to save her farm, two worlds collide and more than just the chickens will be affected.

Sat, Apr 28 - 8:00 PM --> there will be a Q&A with cast and crew after.
Tue, May 01 - 6:00 PM

About the film:
Cast & Crew
director: David Pomes, Derek Purvis
screenwriter: Christy Cashman
Cast: Christy Scott Cashman, Jay Herrington, Kathryn Erbe, Parker Posey
producer: Christy Cashman, Derek Purvis
composer: Patrick Ruth
cinematographer: Patrick Ruth
editor: Branan Edgens

Tickets between $12 to $15. Click here to find out more.

Follow Saint Aire at facebook or twitter. Here is also their new homepage. (I can't believe they didn't check how to spell their actors names *roll with eyes*. Sigh, there was also a screening at April 10th at MPC, Massachusetts. The information policy of this production company is so irreproducible for me.)

Mother's House
Davis Hall 2011
Categories: Short

Run time: 26 min. | U.S.A.

While cleaning out his late mother's home, Thomas and his wife uncover increasingly disturbing secrets until the conflict between memory and truth threatens to destroy them both.

Tue, May 01 - 4:00 PM
screens with...

Trials And Short Tribulations
Rigby | Christopher Oroza 2010
Mr. Nakamura's Addiction | Scott Eriksson 2011
Maddoggin' | Terence Heuston
Moving Forward | Joshua Weber 2010

About the film:
Cast & Crew
director: Davis Hall
screenwriter: Davis Hall, Ingrid Price
Cast: Denny Dillon, Eddie Schweighardt, Kathryn Erbe, Tim Guinee
producer: Davis Hall, Ingrid Price
composer: Malcolm Payne
cinematographer: Roger Grange
editor: Anne Barliant

Tickets $12. Click here to find out more.

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