Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Month in the Country on Broadway

Untapdtreasure found this awesome 'on stage' photo of Kathryn made by Carol Rosegg. I took this happy accident to complete my 'A Month in the Country' entry for the On Stage section [done 8/20].

A Month in the Country

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April 04th, 1995
Roundabout Theatre Company
Criterion Center Stage Right
1530 Broadway
New York, NY
Run Time:
April 04th – June 10th 1995 [79 performances]

Production Staff

Playwright: Ivan Sergeyevitch Turgenev
Translator: Richard Freeborn
Director: Scott Ellis
Scenic Design: Santo Loquasto
Costume Design: Jane Greenwood
Lighting Design: Brian Nason
Sound Design: Tony Meola


F. Murray Abraham…Ignaty Illyich Shpichelsky
Helen Mirren…Natalia Petrovna
Ron Rifkin…Rakitin
Patricia T. A. Ageheim…Katia
Kathryn Erbe…Verochka
Gail Grate…Lizaveta Bogdanovna
Byron Jennings…Yslaev
John Christopher Jones…Bolshintsov
Dan Moran…Matvei
Alessandro Nivola…Beliaev
Rocco Sisto…Shaaf
Helen Stenborg…Anna Semyenovna Yslaeva
Benjamin N. Ungar…Kolia

Full cast and staff

Playbill June 1995, Vol 95, No 6:

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Plot Synopsis:

The action takes place on the Islaev Estate in Russia in the 1840's.

Natalya discovers that she is passionately in love with her son’s tutor while spending a month on a country estate in Ivan Turgenev’s 1872 play.


… Two performances stand out. Kathryn Erbe is exceptionally fine as the young, sweetly bewildered Vera, whom the jealous Natalya Petrovna drives into a loveless marriage. Though John Christopher Jones is onstage only for a couple of scenes, he effectively steals the play as "the fat, stupid, pompous" landowner who wins Vera's hand by default. He's the play's burlesque element, briefly hilarious and welcome. This also says something about the imperfect balance within the production…by Vincent Canby; April 26, 1995

… The most exciting performances are by Kathryn Erbe, as Natalya's ward Verochka, and Alessandro Nivola, as Verochka's tutor, with whom the aging Natalya falls heedlessly in love. Erbe and Nivla make the innocence of the two heartbreakingly believable…by Howard Kissel; April 26, 1995

… Mirren flips over the youthful tutor (Alessandro Nivola), thus becoming a rival to her ward, played with pubescent heartbreak by Kathryn Erbe…by Jack Zink; May 23, 1995



  1. She looks stunning. So unlike Alex!

  2. But so totally like Kathryn ;o)

    Unbelievable that she was shortly before 30 and played very plausible a 17 year old girl.