Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Advertiser 06/09/2004

For the next 'on stage' entry I strolled along The Massage Board, yesterday and I found this very cool Australian article. Unfortunately I didn't found the original source in web. Nevertheless, enjoy:

This Kathryn Erbe interview is from today's issue of The Advertiser, Sydney, Australia...

Intent on the toddler, Law & Order: Criminal Intent star Kathryn Erbe is on the phone from America. "Excuse me one second, I just have to kiss my son goodbye," she says. Her son Carson Kinney is the reason why Erbe's character Detective Alex Eames will be off air for a while.

Erbe took maternity leave from the show after Carson was born in October (her husband is Terry Kinney) and was off screen for "about six weeks". Dallas-born Samantha Buck (Third Watch ) is filling in as Detective G. Lynn Bishop - assisting Detective Robert Goren (Vincent D'Onofrio) in the absence of regular partner, Eames.

Erbe describes the towering D'Onofrio as "fantastic and complicated and challenging" to work with.

"It's always inspiring and has been quite a journey working together for as long we have," she says. "It's important to take time and think things through and be creative. He (Vincent) always does that and sometimes I have patience for that and sometimes I don't and we have sort of power struggles."

So who wins?

"A lot of the time I win, he's very generous in that way."

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