Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Kathryn will join CBS' Elementary tomorrow night

‘Elementary’ 4×07 - Miss Taken 

Has Sherlock met a person of interest even more cunning than his father? We have a few teasers about Elementary season 4, episode 7’s return!

Sherlock has a knack for stringing together details and motives faster than your average detective. Reading people, however, is another story. Elementary returns in 2016 with season 4, episode 7, “Miss Taken,” involving a case centered on a young woman recently reunited with her parents years after being abducted. While her family is perfectly content to have their daughter back in their home, Sherlock is having trouble seeing the how the picture comes together from the pieces of this week’s puzzle.

Will this week’s person of interest be able to fly under Sherlock’s radar? Check out Hypable’s exclusive promo for Elementary‘s return.

Elementary season 4, episode 7, “Miss Taken,” returns to CBS on Thursday, January 7 at 10:00 p.m. EST.


  1. Just watched this and kathryn was amazing loved seeing her again.

    1. Awesome. I found a stream and still have to watch it. Can't wait to see Kathryn again.

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