Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Love from Ground Zero Review

A few days ago I got an email of Matt Cohan with the chance to watch Love from Ground Zero in a pre-screening for a review here at Lovely Kathryn.
I was very honored and said yes. I always wanted to see this Kathryn movie. Now with the re-release of the movie everyone can get her and his hands on a copy.

Always when I thought about this movie and especially the title, I thought it is somehow related to 9/11. But you need to keep in mind that the movie was made in 1998. The explanation of the title will be solved within the 102 minutes of the road movie at a very interesting location.

We follow Eric (Simon Baker), Sam (Jacqueline McKenzie), Walter (Pruitt Taylor Vince) and their yellow station wagon from New York City to the University of Montana. Their friend/husband Henry (the beautiful voice of Sam Roberts) died after a short illness and the three strangers follow Henry's way west he made in colleague as freshman over 10 years ago. They have four postcards as lead. Within the 3,5 days of the ride Eric, Sam and Walter bond, fight, love, cry, dance and meet friends and family of Henry.

I really liked how the movie makers include Henry to Eric, Sam and Walter and make the quartet complete. We hear him read the postcards. We see old super 8 video sequences with a yellow touch of the landscape filmed out of a running car. First I felt odd to see this, but subtracting 10 years from 1998 sent us to the late Eighties with no HD cell phone cameras near and far.

The music is great. A good mix of funk and sing a song style.

On the down side there is an odd focus on people peeing and sleeping outside. We get the mandatory eagle flying over high mountains. Plus ugly wardrobe of all characters. Example: Sam's underwear and Walter's astro shirt. I bet the makers want to tell us something through the closes, but I don't get it yet.

Kathryn appears at 1:06. I knew Kathryn has beautiful eyes, but it is breathtaking how good this movie focus on them. She has a few truths for the main characters they have to deal with.

The movie has several really powerful lines, a funny Moon town and great landscape filming which make it worth to watch. Plus it is a part to complete your Kathryn's Movie collection.

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